Business registration in Kenya is the first step toward running a successful business. It not only makes you compliant with the law, but it also helps you gain client confidence as a trustworthy business.

From ideation to actualization, and everything in between, the process of starting a business is an exciting and fulfilling one. If you are considering joining the bandwagon, then you are on the right path. However, you should know that the road isn’t all rosy – there are lots of things going into the process. In this article, we will give you top tips for starting and running a successful business in Kenya.

Starting a business in Kenya

The first and perhaps the most important thing to do is to perform a market analysis to find out a problem in the market, then offer a solution to the problem. Ideally, your business idea should be molded around helping people solve a pain point. Once you have an idea of the product or service that you want to offer, come up with a name and decide whether you are doing it alone or with someone else. The process of business registration in Kenya requires you to specify your business name, product or service, full names, postal address for the business, business commencement date and provide a copy of ID/passport, colored passport photo, and PIN certificate. You also will need to submit to General Registrar a signed Form BN2. The business registration process in Kenya often takes about one or two weeks.

Running a Successful Business

Come up with an in-depth plan

Coming up with a detailed plan that highlights how you will run your business and take care of challenges ahead is a great way to stay in check and also prepare yourself for uncertainties. The plan should describe your business idea, state your mission, define your target, and determine short and long-term goals and timeframes, within which each measurable goal should be attained.

Let people know of your existence

Opening a business is the first step. The next step is letting people know you exist. Today, it is easy to get lost in the noise, since everyone is trying to get the attention of clients. So, instead of waiting for people to come to you, go out of your way and meet them wherever they are – whether it's online, or physically at events, gatherings or homes. Until your business grows, you will need to build your word-of-mouth presence. Promote your brand and tell people the benefits of partnering with you.

Keep up with the latest development

Clients are always looking for the best solutions in the market. So, ideally, if you are not offering this, then they won’t even stop for a second. For this reason, you should strive to stay ahead of the curve to be on the loop of current and future advancements in your industry. The best way to achieve this is by reading relevant websites, books and magazines and attending trade shows.

Don’t forget to live

Running a successful business needs time and energy. If you aren’t keen, you may find yourself dedicating your entire life into it and sometimes, end up losing family and friends. Strive to find a healthy work-life balance for your well being and peace of mind.